We found an old video!

We found an old video
Hello Internet, we found an old video! Follow our blog so that you are the first to know when we make a new video! #InsuranceNinjas https://youtu.be/6U1_gFeDKDM


Kay and Family
Originally Posted on July 29, 2016 5 TIPS FOR SAVING ON TAX-FREE WEEKEND from Your Insurance and "Shopping" Ninjas There are two things in life we can always count on - Black Friday shoppers and back-to-school shoppers on tax-free weekend. Both could easily be the most miserable but yet most rewarding experiences ever. I know I could...

Honoring Our Police Officers

Kay and Matt honor police officers at Shoney's Restaurant in Donelson
Originally Posted on July 27, 2016 on www.cordellinsuranceagency.com Honoring Our Police Officers Matt Shao and I had a chance to get out to Shoney's today for the free lunch event for our men in blue. We met the owner of #shoneys, and had fun passing out some coffee gift cards to our police officers. It was...

Christmas Light Extravaganza Tour 2014!

Kay and kids in front of nativity
Originally Posted on www.cordellinsuranceagency.com December 2014 Christmas Light Extravaganza Tour 2014! Ever since I've been a mom, Christmas has been one of my favorite times of the year. I love taking a step back in time to remember Baby Jesus. I love the hot chocolate, Christmas trees, and most importantly, I love the memories I am...