Does the Color of Your Car Affect Your Insurance Cost?

Does the Color of Your Car Affect Your Insurance Cost? Does the color of your car affect insurance cost? Can it increase or decrease your car insurance? Find the answer to this question and other factors that affect your car insurance thanks to your Insurance Ninja.

Socktober Donations Delivered!

Sock Drive Dropoff at Nashville Rescue Mission
Thank you! We delivered your Socktober Donations to the Nashville Rescue Mission. While we were there, we were able to tour the entire facility and learn all about the programs they offer. We are collecting our thoughts and will have a New blog, coming soon! Update: It has taken us months to digest everything we experienced at...

Socktober Sock Drive

Socktober Sock Drive
Click here to check out our Socktober sock drive benefiting the Nashville Rescue Mission. We are accepting donations the entire month of October! Drop them off at our office. Contact us with questions.

3 Things to Ask Your Realtor When Buying A Home

3 Things to Ask Your Realtor When Buying A Home Your home is one of your largest investments. Before you purchase, make sure you know these 3 Things to Ask Your Realtor When Buying A Home. It's a good thing you have an Insurance Ninja!

Giving Back in July

Nashville Humane Association Drive
Do you like dogs? We sure do. That’s why this month was such a uniquely fulfilling one for us here at Cordell Insurance Agency. Most of our clients are well-acquainted by now with our loving office dog, Mr. Baxter. Well, to build upon the warm and fuzzy feelings he brings to work every day and...

January Home Inventory – Bathrooms

January Home Inventory - Bathrooms
This is my first time completing a home inventory, so I am having lots of growing pains. I am entering everything onto my spreadsheet just in case I should need it. By the end of things, I was able to save myself a LOT of time by doing one task at a time. Here’s how...

I Am Actually Doing A Home Inventory

I am doing a home inventory
Yes, you read the title correctly. I am actually doing a home inventory. Before I go any further, let me introduce myself. I am Robyn and I work behind-the-scenes here at Cordell Insurance Agency. I help with a little bit of everything: website, social media, vacuuming the office, updating the filing cabinet. It’s a little unusual,...