Volunteering with the Nashville Rescue Mission

Outside the Nashville Rescue Mission
Last week I was given a very humbling opportunity of helping feed the homeless at the Nashville Rescue Mission. One of the companies we write insurance through, Safeco (owned by Liberty Mutual), has a program that allocates funds for certain non-profits if agencies volunteer at them as a way to help the communities in...

Elvis Is in Nashville!

Elvis is in Nashville
https://youtu.be/rBs2pl_gC60 Christmas is only 6 months away! Get ready for the season with this YouTube video from 2017! We volunteered as a family at a nursing home this year and my dad was the highlight of the day. Here he is singing some Elvis tunes. Merry Christmas from your #InsuranceNinja!

Do I need Extra coverage for my valuables?

High-End Men's Watches
Your renter's, homeowner's or condo coverage will offer coverage for your valuables, up to a certain amount. Your policy will cover different types of valuables: jewelry, art, antiques, guns, furs, electronics, etc. (check your policy or bring it to us and we'll show you). However, there are circumstances where extra coverage is preferable...