We Need Wipes!

We Need Wipes!

If you follow our blog, you may have noticed that we started our Diaper Drive in April but haven’t donated the diapers we collected. We are remedying that and we need wipes!

What it comes down to is this: we sponsored the Pregnancy Care Center’s 10th Anniversary Banquet and the Diaper Drive fell to the background.

But we aren’t done.
We need wipes!

Remember that the Pregnancy Care Center is a local nonprofit supporting men and women experiencing an unexpected pregnancy. They support the prospective mother and father during and after their unexpected pregnancy. They offer counseling services, parenting classes and – after parents have earned points by attending classes – baby supplies.

This is where we come in. The supplies that parents receive are donated. In an effort to support the work that the Pregnancy Care Center is doing, we are collecting diapers and wipes at our office!

Your donation helps us support our local community. Thank you!

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Author: kaycordell

I'm a Nashville native, love the Lord, and am blessed with two beautiful children. I love my job as an insurance agent, because it's just another avenue to helping folks. I also love to find the humor in everything! Life is too short not to laugh!