Homeowner’s Insurance
Property or Dwelling Coverage Additional Living Expenses / Loss Of Use Medical Coverage Personal Liability Coverage Personal Property or Contents Coverage Car Insurance Loss of Use

Property or Dwelling Coverage

Property or Dwelling Coverage typically pays to repair or rebuild your home if it’s damaged or destroyed by an insured event like a kitchen fire or windstorm.

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Additional Living Expenses / Loss Of Use

If you can’t live in your house because of a covered loss, your home insurance policy will pay Additional Living Expenses or Loss of Use, while damage is assessed and your home is repaired or rebuilt. This coverage most commonly lasts for up to 24 months.

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Medical Coverage

Medical coverage covers medical expenses for guests if they are injured on your property. In certain cases, it also covers people who are injured off of your property. It does not cover health care costs for you or other members of your household.

Personal Liability Coverage

Personal Liability Coverage applies if someone is injured or their property is damaged and you are to blame. The coverage generally applies anywhere in the world. When choosing your liability coverage limits, consider things like how much money you make and the assets you own.

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-Your personal liability coverage should be high enough to protect your assets if you are sued. Worried you aren’t completely covered? Consider an umbrella insurance policy that extends your coverage.

Personal Property or Contents Coverage

Your house is filled with furniture, clothes, electronics and other items that mean a lot to you. Personal Property or Contents Coverage helps replace these items if they are lost, stolen or destroyed as a result of a covered loss.

-Personal property (except property that is specifically excluded) is covered anywhere in the world. For example, suppose that while traveling, you purchase a dresser and you want to ship it home. Your homeowners policy would provide coverage for the “named perils” while the dresser is in transit. Even though the dresser has never been in your home before.

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-Covered losses under a homeowners policy can be paid on either an actual cash value basis or on a replacement cost basis.

--When "actual cash value" is used, the policy owner is entitled to the depreciated value of the damaged property.

--Under the "replacement cost" coverage, the policy owner is reimbursed on an amount necessary to replace the article with one of similar type and quality at current prices.

--It is important that you discuss these two types of reimbursements with your Insurance Ninja.

Car Insurance

Did you know that bundling your home and auto insurance can help you save money?

Own a classic or high-end car? We can insure that, too.

Loss of Use

Loss of use coverage, also known as additional living expenses (ALE), pays for living expenses above what you would normally spend if you are unable to live in your home due to something your home insurance covers, such as hotel/living and meal expenses.