What To Do If You Have a Claim

What to do if you have a claim
With Nashville traffic and Nashville weather, we have seen a lot of claims recently. Here are our top tips if you are in a situation where you may need to make a claim. Auto Get a police report and the other driver's information. Take photos, if possible.Call us to let us know what happened. We will...

2021 Top Car Insurance Agencies in Murfreesboro

2021 Top Car Insurance Agencies in Murfreesboro
We love serving our clients in Tennessee and Kentucky, and we are honored to receive another Expertise.com award. This year, we have been ranked one of the 2021 Top Car Insurance Agencies in Murfreesboro! We are a locally-owned agency, and we have served our community for 17 years. When you call us, you are...

Insurance Rates Creeping Up?

Insurance Premiums Creeping Up
Are your insurance premiums creeping up? We represent more than 10 different auto and home companies and are available to review your rates. It is normal for your rates to increase, along with cost of living, at every renewal. We recommend that you review your rates every two to three years to make sure you are...

DON’T Keep These Documents In Your Car

DON'T Keep These Documents In Your Car
With car ownership. there is a lot of paperwork to manage. Some of this paperwork is safe to keep in your car, some isn't. The key question to ask yourself is this: Does this document provide someone else with my personal information? Let's take a look: Keep In Your Car Owner's Manual: If you have this, keep...

Teen Driving Contract

Teen Driving Contract
Your new teen is excited to get on the road. And thrilled to drive him/herself to school this fall. You? Not so much. Having a contract with your teen can help you both define your responsibilities and consequences for breaking the contract. Our Teen Driving Contract is a free download available for you to save...

Group Riding

The fall weather is approaching, and so are group motorcycle trips. We want you to be safe when you ride, alone or in a group. Some of our clients recommended this #MotorcycleSafetyFoundation video as a good introduction to #GroupRiding safety.Need a quote? Click Here#RideSafe #InsuranceNinja https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erpkyD7SMfw&feature=youtu.be

Motorcycle Safety Tips

Motorcycle Safety Tips
Stay safe on the road. And call us if you have any questions about your motorcycle coverage.Need a quote? Click Here#MotorcycleSafety #InsuranceNinja #RideSafe

Motorcycle Rider Education Program

Motorcycle Class TN
Are you looking for a motorcycle class in Tennessee that will help you learn how to ride safely? Check out the Motorcycle Rider Education Program. Not interested in their web page? Follow them on Facebook. Here's why it matters: Questions about your motorcycle policy? Call us!Need a quote? Click Here#MotorcycleClass #LookTwice #InsuranceNinja #RideSafe

New Motorcycle Quote Form

Motorcycle Quote Form
Did you know that we now have a motorcycle quote form? It is specific to the information we need in order to provide an accurate quote for you. What are you waiting for?! Get your quote so that we can help you get on the road! #InsuranceNinja #RideSafe #MotorcycleQuote