Teen Driving Contract

Teen Driving Contract
Your new teen is excited to get on the road. And thrilled to drive him/herself to school this fall. You? Not so much. Having a contract with your teen can help you both define your responsibilities and consequences for breaking the contract. Our Teen Driving Contract is a free download available for you to save...

Group Riding

The fall weather is approaching, and so are group motorcycle trips. We want you to be safe when you ride, alone or in a group. Some of our clients recommended this #MotorcycleSafetyFoundation video as a good introduction to #GroupRiding safety.Need a quote? Click Here#RideSafe #InsuranceNinja https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erpkyD7SMfw&feature=youtu.be

Motorcycle Safety Tips

Motorcycle Safety Tips
Stay safe on the road. And call us if you have any questions about your motorcycle coverage.Need a quote? Click Here#MotorcycleSafety #InsuranceNinja #RideSafe

Motorcycle Rider Education Program

Motorcycle Class TN
Are you looking for a motorcycle class in Tennessee that will help you learn how to ride safely? Check out the Motorcycle Rider Education Program. Not interested in their web page? Follow them on Facebook. Here's why it matters: Questions about your motorcycle policy? Call us!Need a quote? Click Here#MotorcycleClass #LookTwice #InsuranceNinja #RideSafe

Deer Season: Avoiding A Collision

Deer on Side of The Road
Deer-vehicle collisions are three times more likely to occur on a day in November than they are on any day between Feb. 1 and Aug. 31. October is the second most likely month for a crash involving a deer and a vehicle. December is third. Collisions with deer and other large animals can cause significant...

Our Thoughts on Traffic School vs. Paying for A Ticket

Our Thoughts on Traffic School vs. Paying for A Ticket
After getting a ticket, this is a big debate among families. Should you pay the ticket and get it over with? Or should you try to go to traffic school if it's offered as an alternative? And how will a ticket affect your car insurance? We have the experience you are looking for. Find out...

What Are Liability Limits?

What do liability limits actually cover?
What are Liability Limits? Special thanks to Matt Shao for contributing to our blog! I’d like to ask you a question; pose a hypothetical situation, if you will. Imagine that you just got off work late one Friday afternoon, and you’re rushing home to get ready for the evening’s activities. All of a sudden your phone...

Medical payments, middle schoolers, and mini-vans.

Middle School Kids on Beach
As many of my clients know about me, other than being an Insurance Ninja, I spend the majority of my time being a mom.  As a mom to two tweens and a foreign exchange student, a mini-van was in my future. There was no running away from this. With the mini-van comes the taxi...

I hope no one plans on hitting a Ferrari today…

I hope no one plans on hitting a Ferrari today
How I Ended Up In A Ferrari Last year I attended a charity basketball game between current Titans and former Titans hosted by my  friend. It raised money for one of our favorite charities - Compassion.  My children convinced me to purchase a ticket at this event for this particular raffle. The prize: a 3 hour...