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    What is telematics? And how I learned that I am a better driver than my husband!

    What is telematics? Well, if we have quoted your auto insurance recently, we probably mentioned telematics. Most car insurance companies have their own spin on it, but at the end of the day, they are mostly similar. Telematics is a program that car insurance companies are using more and more to offer a discount of up to 30% (and sometimes a surcharge) based on your driving habits. The programs typically offer an initial discount for trying the program. Then, after 90 days of monitoring your driving, they offer a larger or smaller discount. Keep in mind that some companies...

    What To Do If You Have a Claim

    What to do if you have a claim
    With Nashville traffic and Nashville weather, we have seen a lot of claims recently. Here are our top tips if you are in a situation where you may need to make a claim. Auto Get a police report and the other driver's information. Take photos, if possible.Call us to let us know what happened. We will discuss your deductibles, your coverages, and your options. We will also put notes in our system. You can call us to discuss your options without being obligated to file a claim.If you choose to make a claim, the driver will need to call the insurance...