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Flood Insurance


Be aware that a standard home insurance policy does not include protection against flooding. If water were to come into your house from heavy rain or other flooding situations, you need flood insurance to file a claim.


All flood Insurance is offered through the National Flood Insurance Program. Though the government actually provides flood coverage, at Cordell Insurance Agency, we issue this policy in the event of flood damage to your insured propertyand our Insurance Ninjas can also service your claim.


Be aware that flood insurance does not cover water back up of sewer or drains. Even though we would commonly describe a clogged toilet as ‘flooding the house,’ this is not how insurance companies define it. These two protections are separate and must be added onto a standard homeowner’s insurance policy. Contact one of our Insurance Ninjas to make sure your home is protected from both sources of water damage.

Sinkhole Coverage


What is a sinkhole? The US Geological Society (USGS) provides a comprehensive description of how sinkholes are formed and a map of where they are likely to occur.

Tennessee law does not require homeowners to purchase sinkhole coverage for their property. However, if a sinkhole collapse occurs on your property, additional sinkhole coverage may be required to file a claim. Depending on which company insures your home, you may not have sinkhole collapse included in your policy.


Contact one of our Insurance Ninjas so that we can sit down with you and make sure you are properly covered. Because we are independent insurance agents, we work with multiple companies to compare policies. That way we can get the most competitive rate for you. When we provide coverage, we help you handle claims. You need an Insurance Ninja!

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